Licenciate in Musical Direction by the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM, UK), graduated by the Conservatory of Music “Angel Barrios” of Granada in the speciality of Clarinet, BA in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona, BA in History and Sciences of Music (Musicology) from the University of La Rioja, and also Master Degreed in Contemporary Philosophy by the University of Granada.

After finishing his clarinet studies in Granada, he decided to continue his musical learning by his own. He moved to Barcelona, where he co-founded the 21st century Rubí Musical Association, beginning his career as musical conductor, working as a clarinetist in the Music Unit of the IGE Pyrenees (where he had the opportunity to play music for the Pope Benedict XVI and also the last king of Spain), he continued his studies in philosophy at the University of Barcelona and performed advanced jazz music studies in the Taller de Músics of Barcelona, focusing their interest in music theory and harmony from the 20’s of the twentieth century. It also continued his training as a conductor with the Maestro Dr. Francisco Navarro Lara studying the symphonies of Beethoven and Mozart works for wind instruments through the practice of management techniques conductors as Gergiev, Kleiber, Bernstein or Saito. This preparation helped him to obtaining the degree of ABSRM –being the youngest student at the School of Orchestral and Wind Band “Maestro Navarro Lara” in obtaining such degree (2012).

In order to continue his path as a music, researcher conductor, he moved to Granada. His philosophical concerns motivate him to study a Master Degree in Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Granada (Mention in Excellence by Ministry of Education), working under the academic supervision of Dr. Neftalí Villanueva and Dr. Juan José Acero. He finished this postgraduate degree with “cum laude” marks on his Masters Degree Final Project of Philosophy of Music with title “Performantism: Performance and individuation of the work of music” being first in his class. He condisers his work as a musician inseparable from the research work: with nineteen years old he published his first article in Contrastes, named “Phenomenology of the sound performance and specificity of Hegel’s dialectic being-formal Absolute music” and his last paper is offered in the congress Para qué arte II at the University of Granada, called “Synesthesia music-movement and conducting: the problem of gestures in the brain processing of musical information”, where he investigated possible ways of music understanding in a non-sonic perspective. He has also released the musical thought in a program note commissioned by the Symphony Orchestra of Chaco (Argentina) for the concert “The Genius of Mozart” on March 29th in the 2013-14 season, when he wrote “The feminine, the music and gesture” for the second number of Gansos Salvajes. His latest work, “Normativity, knowledge and agency in the art of Conducting. Against the dogma of univocal conducting technique.” was published in Thémata in June 2015.

His research put him in touch with the renowned neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde (Professor at State University of New York and director of neurobiological research at Downstate Medical Center), who is currently studying possible differences in the perception that the human eye can have, in the sense of different types of measures or schemes, and so advance the understanding of conducting. Whereas a prerequisite to complete his musical theoretical and practical knowledge for scientific research, he began studying Bachelor of Musicology from the University of La Rioja (currently finishing them). Some of the intellectual ways, to develop his academic interests around music are: musical analysis applied to orchestra conducting, symphonic music, epistemology (agency, rules, regulations, second person), philosophy of language, ontology of music, philosophical semantics and pragmatics, and neurobiological research (eye tracking). Today working on his doctoral dissertation, tentatively entitled “Substantiation of conducting”.

In 2013 he took classes from Maestro Dr. Gabriel Delgado Moran, and then he had the honor of working as a director since October 2013 to February 2014 in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Granada (JOSG) and conduct the Orchestra School JOSG within the program of concerts in civic district centers, organised by Granada’s City Hall. He worked as principal conductor of the Youth Orchestra City of Motril in the 2013-2014 season, scheduling, managing and conducting concerts at Traumatology’s Hospital of Granada, in Granada’s Science Park and in Motril’s Calderón Theatre, featuring young soloists like Néstor Pamblanco and Darío Tamayo. In this period, after continuous contact with string orchestras, he founded as a director, clarinetist and arranger the Novecento winds group, which opened in the show “Peter and the Wolf” by Etcétera, a puppet prestigious company, directed by Enrique Lanz, in the Teatro Isabel la Catolica (Granada) in the Christmas season of 2013-14. Currently, Novecento is doing the Bóreas Ventus project, which aims to promote art music for winds, mainly written from the twentieth century to today. This activity is reflected in a CD whose recording began in June 2014 with the fabulous record label Arcomúsica.

In the musical groups he works with, he manages to enhance contemporary composers (Eric Whitacre, Germán Tejerizo, Guillermo Schiavi, Irene Mira-Sánchez, Roberto Rojas-Guerrero, Óscar Musso, Jeff Manookian, Ramón Civit), who consider music as a moral and artistic responsibility. At his twenty-five, the trajectory as a conductor is enriched with teaching at the Dúrcal School of Music, and the musical and artistic conduction, as a main conductor, of veteran Choir of the “Padre Manjón’s” School.